Thanks so much for your interest. I had created these pages for freelancing almost 7 years back. I no longer provide content marketing services (or any services for that matter!). Thanks again for stopping by!



Hello there! 🙂
Need custom blog content?
I can write it for you!

Did you know that content on your blog or business website can help you grow your business by increasing readers’ trust and bringing loads of organic traffic?

  1. Custom content can help you boost your search engine rankings and thus bring in organic traffic to your blog.
  2. Per dollar spent, content marketing generates approximately 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing. (source)
  3. Content marketing generates brand awareness and increase sales (60% of people seek out a product after reading content about it).
  4. 75% of top marketers outsource content creation. (source)
  5. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. (source)

Ready to take your blogging and content marketing to the next level? I have written over 500 articles across the web. When you hire me as your content writer/marketer you are investing in someone who knows the ins and outs of producing great content.
I take the time and effort to understand your needs, the audience persona you have and then create a strategy that brings in results.

Here is a list of services I offer.

To view my writing samples, click here. To know how much my clients love me, click here. 🙂

Freelance writing services: (Blog post writing, in-depth articles)

Blog posts are a great way to engage your audience and add value to your readers. This way they’ll become your raving fans. If you are unable to find time for creating blog content, let me create content for your blog. I have expertise in niches like social media marketing, online marketing, blogging and SEO, WordPress, technology, health, self-help and productivity etc. But, being the versatile me, I can write on almost any topic you’d want me to. 🙂

I guarantee you that content I write will resonate with your audience.

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Ghostwriting services:

Want custom content but under your name? No problem! I assure you that I will wear your voice and write content as you would write for your blog. You can put the content under your authorship and enjoy full rights to it once the payment is done!

I never reveal clients I ghostwrite for, whether publicly or privately. Still, if you want to leverage my large social media following to market my ghostwritten content, I will do it and show you as the author (for free).

Let’s Discuss Your Ghostwriting Project

Web content: (content on about pages, home pages etc)

Your website/blog is the first thing that your audience notices. It’s like your virtual office.
Are you sending the right message? Does your audience get a clear idea of what your business is all about?

It is true that many businesses spend a lot of money on designing the best websites but the fact is, it’s the copy that converts. The words on your site convince the reader to try out your services, use a free trial of your product or buy it.
I can help you with website content creation if:

  • You want it from someone who knows his job.
  • You don’t have the time to focus on content alongside your business.

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E-books and lead magnets:

The best way to attract a new set of an audience is by offering them something like an eBook for free. You can also use it to reward your existing customers and boost your email list. eBooks are also a great way to show your expertise on your topic (they are the best lead magnets).
If you want to create an eBook, then I can help you with it. I can write an eBook on almost any niche and deliver it within the time schedules. (I might charge a little more if you want me to come up with an idea from scratch.)

You can also sell eBooks written by me (for you) under your name and keep 100% of the profit.

Contact me to discuss about your new eBook

360° Blog Management services:

Are you struggling to manage your blog along with your business? No problem!
I will manage your blog for you so that you concentrate on what’s important for you, your business. I will manage the content creation process, back up your blog regularly, update plugins and other things without you having to worry about it.
My services include replying to reader comments and managing instant social media sharing of your posts. You save all your time doing this!
360° Blog Management services start at just $500 per month only.

Click here to relieve yourself and let me handle your blog

Why you need a professional freelance writer?

Blogs are a great way to engage your audience and generate sales. 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on their blog. When you invest in me as your freelance writer, I’ll strive towards helping you gain the following benefits:

  1. Establish you as an authority in your field with content that is well researched and value oriented.
  2. I’ll engage your audience with fun, interactive content (but, within your brand’s guidelines).
  3. You’ll get more search engine visitors (these are the ones with the most buyer-intent) and better rankings.
  4. Tell the story of your brand in your voice.
  5. You’ll convert more visitors into buyers/subscribers with the best website content and lead magnets.
  6. and much more.. Just ask!

Ready to work together? 🙂

Ready to hire me as your freelance writer? Or need a custom project to be discussed?

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